Triassic Era Life

The character of the Mill House property history is accentuated by an exposed Triassic rock formation (200 million years ago), an age when dinosaurs reigned.   On this spot, footprints of the dinosaur known as Coelophysis have been recovered.  More historic fossils may be still preserved in this rock formation.   Dr. Robert M. Sullivan, Senior Curator of Paleontology and Geology at the Pennsylvania State Museum has recovered one such fossilized footprint, which is now kept in the museum’s permanent collection.

The stone comprising the Mill House, a key part of the property history, was extracted from the same layer of bedrock where the dinosaurs roamed.

Dr. Sullivan pointing to the Coelophysis Triassic Dinosaur Footprint

Dinosaur footprint certificates

Triassic Dinosaur Footprint Certificates

Triassic Dinosaur Footprints

Look closely to see Triassic Dinosaur Footprint — Can you see three fingers and a heel?

Dinosaur Footprint Site - There may be some fossils embedded

Dinosaur Footprint Site – There may still be some fossils to be found

Dinosaur Footprint from PA State Museum

Triassic Dinosaur Footprint Letter from PA State Museum

Dinosaur footprint excavation

Dinosaur footprint excavation


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